Japan Heritage「The island of Kuniumi, Awaji」
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Izanagi-jingu Shinto Shrine

Izanagi-jingu Shinto Shrine: Hall of worship
The oldest Shinto Shrine in Japan, enshrining the Kamis Izanagi-no-mikoto and Izanami-no-mikoto, who feature in Japan’s creation. This Shinto Shrine is the legendary site of the dwelling of Izanagi-no-mikoto, who accomplished all the godly feats beginning at the creation of Japan, and is visited by worshippers for its solemn divinity. In 2004, 9 Kami statues were discovered. The representations of Izanami-no-mikoto are believed to be from the Heian to Kamakura periods.
Izanagi-jingu Shinto Shrine: Front torii gate
Izanagi-jingu Shinto Shrine: Main gate
Izanagi-jingu Shinto Shrine: Inner gate
Izanagi-jingu Shinto Shrine: Image of the Kamis
Designation Prefectural Tangible Cultural Property
Address 740 Taga, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture 656-1521
Phone +81-799-80-5001
Website http://izanagi-jingu.jp
Open to worshippers all day but Shrine Office hours are 8:30 - 17:00.