Japan Heritage「The island of Kuniumi, Awaji」
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Shiotsubonishi Archeological Site

Shiotsubonishi Archeological Site: Iron arrowheads (Courtesy of Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Archeology)
The site of a late Yayoi period hilltop settlement looking down over the Akashi Strait. The site has yielded the largest cache in Japan of iron arrowheads and the remains of a smoke-signal site from the Yayoi period. The site is thought to have been a lookout over the Akashi Strait, a strategic point on the sea route from the Seto Inland Sea to the territories around Kyoto.
Shiotsubonishi Archeological Site: View of the dig site (Courtesy of Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Archeology)
Designation Undesignated
Address Not open for viewing.
Phone +81-799-64-2520
Inquiries Social Education Division, Awaji Municipal Board of Education