Japan Heritage「The island of Kuniumi, Awaji」
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Nakagawara Dotaku

Nakagawara Dotaku (replicas)
Oldest level dotaku (bronze bells) in Japan, announcing the start of the Bronze and Iron Ages. Ryokanchu dotaku, thought to be the oldest type of dotaku, are also called otaimon dotaku owing to the otaimon (zonite pattern), which wraps horizontally around in a band. These are iconic Awaji dotaku, which when discovered have always been old style dotaku from the Yayoi period.
Nakagawara Dotaku (replicas)
Nakagawara Dotaku (replicas)
Designation National Important Cultural Property
Address Minamiawaji City Takigawa Memorial Art Museum – GYOKUSEI MUSEUM, 1137-1 Matsuhonishiji, Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture 656-0314
(Replica display)
Phone +81-799-36-2314
Website http://www.city.minamiawaji.hyogo.jp/soshiki/gyokuseikan/
Open 9:00-17:00 (Last admission: 16:30)
Closed Mon., Year end & New Year
(When Mon. is a public holiday, closed on the nearest week day after the following day.)
Entry General/Adults: ¥300  University/High school students: ¥200
Junior high/Elementary school students: ¥100
※Free entry for infants and people with a disability.
※Separate entry fees may be charged for special exhibitions.
※Discount for groups of 20 or more.
Parking Free (23 car spaces. Large bus space available.)